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Business Continuity

Restore normal business operations after a cyberattack or natural disaster

According to a recent study, unexpected downtime costs a typical business $8,800 per minute!

Safeguarding your business from disaster not only requires redundant backups on offsite servers, but also robust recovery plans and business continuity strategies. Our specialists thoroughly assess your critical resources and prepare a step-by-step business continuity (BC) plan so you know which assets should be recovered first after a disaster. We also define the roles and responsibilities each employee should undertake during and after any disaster so you can get back to work immediately.

If your office needs to be relocated because of a flood, hurricane, power outage, or any other interruption, your business continuity plan will detail all the things you need to resume operations in a temporary location. This includes preparing the tools needed to work offsite and providing clear instructions on how and where your employees will work, how you’ll care for them in the short- and long-run, and how you can keep serving your clients.

We also conduct disaster simulation testing and training so your employees and IT partners know what to do if a real incident occurs. If you face any technical issues at any time, our business continuity experts are always available to solve them as soon as possible.

Why choose Tech Advisors’ Business Continuity solution?

  • Up-to-date BC plan -A robust BC plan that covers all aspects of your IT to hasten recovery efforts during the incident, regularly tested to make sure it always works
  • Comprehensive IT assessment - We make sure your IT infrastructure can be restored ASAP
  • Seasoned technicians - Knowledgeable experts who can help you get back up and running quickly and efficiently
  • 24/7/365 Support - We fix your problems within one hour of getting your call or support ticket

40% of small businesses close down after a disaster

Will your business be able to survive a cyberattack, power outage or natural disaster? Are your files and applications safe from hackers and spyware? It's imperative that critical data be managed and secured to prevent disruptions. Every business needs a backup and disaster recovery plan to ensure 24/7 data availability and seamless operations.

Tech Advisors’ Backup and Disaster Recovery service automatically stores your confidential data and applications on offsite servers. This allows us to quickly restore your files and applications on your company’s computers and servers immediately, ensuring minimal data loss and downtime. We also test your backup systems regularly to make sure they work at all times.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery service lets you:

  • Resume normal operations immediately
  • Minimize data loss incidents due to real-time backups
  • Restore critical data and apps at any time
  • Deliver products and services to clients on time