TA VoIP Services

Communication Products That Work Great On Their Own & Better Together.

Call Center

Nextiva Call Centers combine the flexibility to handle large volume of calls with efficiency, featuring advanced Interactive Voice Response, monitoring, and more.


Reduce costs, save time, and minimize your carbon footprint by sending and receiving online faxes on any device.


More than a VoIP phone service, Nextiva Office uses advanced features to make your business more productive and profitable.

Nextiva Anywhere

Increase your Mobility & Stay Connected to you Business from Anywhere

Need a mobile, easy-to-use telephony solution? TECH Advisors has partnered with Nextiva to offer Nextiva Anywhere, a top-tier VoIP phone system. Whether you have 1 or 100 employees, our VoIP solution allows everyone in your company to make and receive calls from any internet-enabled device at any time. Every phone call made through VoIP are encrypted, and are priced at much lower rates than traditional phone plans. It also offers a plethora of helpful features like voicemail-to-email transcription, find me/follow me, call routing, and auto attendant to improve your communication experience. What’s more, you can manage large call volume through Nextiva Call Center, send and receive virtual faxes using Nextiva vFax, and manage your business calls more efficiently through Nextiva Office.

With more employees working remotely, it’s often a struggle to maintain uninterrupted communication with employees and customers alike. Tech Advisors has partnered with Nextiva to bring you Nextiva Anywhere. Connect a single business phone number to all of your devices and increase your mobility without skipping a beat.

One Business Number

Callers dial one number to reach the user’s desk, mobile, and soft phones simultaneously; all phones share a single voicemail box. This provides colleagues or customers with a consistent calling experience, never having to wonder if person they need to reach is in the office that day.

Move Calls Among Devices

Users enjoy voice call continuity by moving ongoing calls seamlessly from one phone to another without hanging up. For example, if you pick up a conference call on your desk phone but need to leave for your child’s soccer game, you can move the call to your mobile without missing a beat.

Improve Performance

Remote Office allows you to use your home, cell, or other remote phone as your business phone. When you make calls from this remote phone, the outbound caller ID will skill show as your business number. Remote Office also directs incoming calls to the same remote phone of your choice.