Security & Compliance

Keeping IT and confidential data safe from malware 24/7/365

Ensuring Your Employees are Secure & Your Company is in Compliance

Protection of your computer network is paramount. We provide 24/7/365 Monitoring, Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection as well as monitoring the network usage of authorized users. With Cybercrime on the rise, security training is an essential part of a full security plan. Tech Advisors provides employee vulnerability assessments & security training, tailored to your organization.

Compliance Reports

Written Information Security Plans (WISPs) identify, establish, & maintain appropriate security procedures to protect the confidentiality of personal info- rmation & data as outlined by the state regulatory & EU-GDPA.

Cybersecurity Insurance

Any company that handles PI or PHI needs their own CyberBreach Insurance to protect their organization against claims arising out of ransomware, staff mistakes, phishing attacks, theft, & more.

Password Management

60% of all data breaches result from weak or stolen passwords. Protect your business’s digital footprint with MyGlue before it’s too late!

Breach Prevention Platform

Helping Clients Prevent, Respond To, & Survive a Data Breach

Employee Security Focus

  • Simulated Phishing Emails to Employees
  • Security Policies that Employees Electronically Acknowledge
  • Continuous Weekly 1-2 Minute Micro-Security Training Lessons
  • Monthly Security Newsletters

Employee Security Focus

  • Dark Web Breach Assessment to Identify Hidden Risks
  • Security Risk Assessment to Identify Security Weaknesses
  • Employee Training, Phishing, & Policy Acknowledgement Reports
  • Security Documentation Portal


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