Backup and Disaster Recovery

Store critical files in fail-proof servers to minimize downtime after a disaster

40% of small businesses close down after a disaster

Will your business be able to survive a cyberattack, power outage or natural disaster? Are your files and applications safe from hackers and spyware? It's imperative that critical data be managed and secured to prevent disruptions. Every business needs a backup and disaster recovery plan to ensure 24/7 data availability and seamless operations.

Tech Advisors’ Backup and Disaster Recovery service automatically stores your confidential data and applications on offsite servers. This allows us to quickly restore your files and applications on your company’s computers and servers immediately, ensuring minimal data loss and downtime. We also test your backup systems regularly to make sure they work at all times.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery service lets you:

  • Resume normal operations immediately
  • Minimize data loss incidents due to real-time backups
  • Restore critical data and apps at any time
  • Deliver products and services to clients on time