Tech Advisors has been providing IT support and cloud computing services for a wide variety of clients in Massachusetts and across New England for nearly two decades. We understand how business and technology work together, providing a unique link to help clients bridge the gap between the two. We realize that some of the larger financial decisions that our clients face focus around their computer technology and IT needs, and we know how to help them make the best choices for their companies.

Twin brothers Konrad and Kevin Martin serve as co-owners, with Jeff Bell. Both Konrad and Kevin are CPAs and so is their older brother, J.D. Martin, who serves as the company’s CFO.

A Foundation in Finance

So, how did twin brothers end up as partners in the same IT firm? It all comes down to numbers. 

Konrad was a CPA at the firm Abrams, Little-Gill and Loberfeld in Chestnut Hill, Mass. One of the partners approached Konrad to help fix a computer that wasn’t working properly, during the height of the tax season when minutes count. Konrad was able to fix the problem and it led the partner to suggest that the company develop an IT specialty firm to help other CPA firms with similar technology needs.  

Although he knew a fair amount about computers, Konrad wasn’t interested in abandoning his CPA role to become the firm’s dedicated IT person. But his twin brother, Kevin, who was in Maine at the time working for older brother J.D., was perfect for the job. Abrams Little-Gill and Loberfeld hired Kevin as a CPA with the understanding that he would also take care of the firm’s IT needs, and that the company could begin to promote the service to other CPAs. In 2002, the “firm within a firm” was incorporated as Tech Knowledge Advisors, a division of Abrams, Little-Gill and Loberfeld. Kevin and Konrad were given a minority ownership in the new company.  

Eventually, Konrad and Kevin made the transition from CPAs to IT professionals, providing services to a number of CPA firms. In 2005, Konrad and Kevin approached the firm’s partners about buying out the “practice within a practice,” and soon launched a separate IT venture under the name Tech Advisors.

Expanding Our Reach into the Cloud

Tech Advisors soon expanded to offer IT services outside the scope of the accounting industry. Although remaining a “go-to” source for CPAs – to the point of helping to write the WISP (written information security program) for the Massachusetts Society of CPAs - our client roster quickly expanded to include law firms, property management companies, medical and dental practices, manufacturers, distributors, architects/engineers, and insurance agencies.

Tech Advisors was an early advocate of Cloud computing services, offering clients a secure and familiar working experience with an immediate increase in security and compliance. Tech Advisors has also expanded Compliance and Cybersecurity offerings by offering Compliance as a Service, along with cybersecurity reviews and remediation.

While our firm began serving clients in the greater Boston region, the evolving nature of IT means that we no longer face geographical restraints. We are able to bring our complete knowledge of managed IT, compliance, security, and cloud computing to virtually any business in any location. We recently acquired clients in Buffalo NY, Palo Alto CA and also work with international clients. 

Tech Advisors will always evolve and grow to keep pace with innovations in technology. Our services have always served the needs of our clients and continue to expand to incorporate the most innovative technologies available.