Tech Advisors helps prevent computer virus infectionIn a rush to enable employees to work remotely, many companies unknowingly sent staffers home with compromised devices. A recent study found that as many as 50,000 companies issued already-compromised devices that were protected at the office by company firewalls and other in-house defensive measures but not outside of it.

These compromised devices are now operating on lightly secured home or public Wi-Fi networks in an unmoderated environment, and that brings a deluge of cybersecurity risks. At Tech Advisors, we’ve compiled several resources to help mitigate risks like this for your remote workforce including a guide for addressing remote work vulnerabilities.

Adding an extra layer of protection for access to your data and systems, such as two-factor authentication, is crucial. That’s why we’re excited to be able to provide you with a cutting-edge secure identity and access management solution that was designed with remote workers in mind – at an excellent value.

Our single sign-on secure identity and access management solution, Duo, is ready to deploy quickly to shore up your defenses today. It is perfect for securing company data when workers and administrators are away from the office. Scalable and quick to deploy, Duo provides a single sign-on tailored for each user and integrates seamlessly with the applications that your staffers use every day. Multi-factor authentication means that even if passwords are compromised, an extra credential is needed to access your data and systems.

Tech Advisors is here to help as your company adjusts its cybersecurity strategy to meet the new challenges of our changed world and shifting threat landscape. If we can support your efforts during this tumultuous time, please contact us today.