Vincent Vittorio, Director of Business Development at Tech Advisors, gets hands-on experience with the equipment sold by client Mecalac North America in Norfolk, MA.

Tech Advisors was recently retained by Mecalac North America, a division of the international company Mecalac to develop and set up infrastructure at the firm’s North American headquarters warehouse in Norfolk, MA.

Konrad Martin, Chief Executive Officer of Tech Advisors, observed “Protection against viruses and hackers is the main reason a business would retain the services of a firm such as ours, but if you look at the bigger picture, what’s equally critical is building the necessary infrastructure which allows a business to conduct its commerce without fear of cyber threats.”

He added, “We were given this ground floor opportunity with Mecalac to build and set up their infrastructure at their North American headquarters.”

The parent company of Mecalac is located in France; the international firm sells compact construction equipment and distributes to dealers via a warehouse system.

Working with the Mecalac team, Tech Advisors developed an extensive Wi-Fi meshing system for the international firm’s Pick, Pack and Ship Division. The system allows for easy identification and location of parts and equipment, and can coordinate shipping requests in mere minutes.

Vincent Vittorio, Director of Business Development at Tech Advisors, added, “Unlike the earlier means of ordering equipment and inventory which took place by telephone, today’s Wi-Fi speeds up the process, and every minute counts. And the system at Mecalac uses multiple router-like devices which essentially blanket a building in Wi-Fi, eliminating any possibility of “dead spots” in the network.”

The infrastructure at Mecalac is seen as critical for Mecalac’s continued growth. Presently, the company distributes equipment and parts through a seven-location warehouse organization and may soon increase that number of locations to 13.

Jennifer Bennett, Office Manager at Mecalac North America, said, “Tech Advisors’ customer service is outstanding. In addition to their understanding of the industry and our needs, they know us by name, not just as a number.”

Martin added, “We are very pleased to have the chance to work with an organization such as Mecalac. They are a very forward-thinking company; it’s gratifying for us to have been selected to help them with this ground floor opportunity.”